Movie Review : Naachiyaar

Director Bala with different an attempt



Artists G. V. Prakash Kumar, Jyothika, Rockline Venkatesh, Rockline Venkatesh, Ivana
Music Ilayaraja
Director Bala

A murder investigation of a girl by her boyfriend with many interesting  and unpredictable plot twists. 


Jyothika has done a great job and fits the perfect role of an IPS Officer.  Balance usually changes the usual trademark of all his lead roles. But here,  She has remarkably marked her originality again. 

A big kudos to G V Prakash for breaking all his riffs in acting.  He has spontaneously portrayed his character like a picture. 

Ivana is a great addition to the Kollywood industry. She has done her best and a good visual treat too.

Ilayaraja is at his best as usual and stays with us till the movie but refuses to linger with us all the time. The BGM is too good and acts as a pillar of the movie. 

Story line

The film created a hype from the day the teaser got released with the titler Jyothika uttering a swear. But there is nothing to the movie.  It's a pretty decent movie to watch. The story is inspired by the life of a psychopath killer in the 1980s.  GV Prakash is a fruit seller and Ivana is his wife.  He is accused of assaulting his girlfriend and Jyothika is roped in to investigate.

First half is OK but bit dragging while the second half is too good to compensate all the flaws of the first half. 


Bala is always expected to give the best and he has given his best.  The only difference in this movie is that it has a happy ending and gives a feel good factor rather than the usual hard hearted sobs he gives us every time. 

Final VerdictNaachiyar reigns again with her immense goodness and brings forth justice.

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